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Leveraging social networks by collecting data from publicly available sources and platforms to enable the creation of true knowledge and capacity for targeted actions, from and to, social, political, and economic contexts.

 Web Inteligence 

OSINT - Open Source Intelligence

SOCMINT - Social Media Intelligence


  • In the last two years it was produced 90% of the existing on the planet.

  • Mostly from news from open source articles, tweets, blogs, posts on social networks.

  • Public and open data, in digital form and available without restrictions by its authors.

  • They constitute the opinion of the world.

  • The way the human being interprets what surrounds him.

  • Used to validate and measure your decisions and choices.

  • From where it derives its affirmation and reinforces the feeling of belonging in macro or micro reality.

  • It supplants human capacity for understanding and correlation.

Analysis using tools:

  • OSINT - Open Source Intelligence

  • SOCMINT - Social Media Intelligence

  • Intelligent systems - catalog by semantics and correlate millions of words and terms instantly.

  • They measure interactions and associated metadata.

  • Agnostics to language and format.

  • Automatic translation and image analysis.


Situational Awareness

Developing an overview of an unknown situation or event to focus future analysis


Ongoing Monitoring

Daily tracking of account activity and relevant keywords within a topic area


Social Network Analysis

Acquire an understanding of the social dynamics for large-scale data to tell you who and how users are relating



Assess performance effectiveness and progress based on defined metrics measured against targets



Analyze information around a communications goal or objective to provide engagement and content suggestions

one person


Acquire additional information on a person or organization

Priority Information Requests

Ask a pointed question to support an important decision

  • Possibility of measuring the impact of each gesture and each campaign.

  • Structuring in an analytical and quantifiable way.

  • Decision support to suggest changes in paradigm and discourse.

  • Identification of opinion players in society and their real impact.

  • Accurate analysis and correlation of all open sources superimposed on a timeline with social media posts, comments, likes and shares.

  • It indicates exactly which individuals agree or are opposed to a fact.

  • It lists your reasons, how many times you shared an article or comment, with whom and what was the reaction generated by each act and by whom.

  • Its consistency or dispersion in the face of similar or related facts.

  • Possibility of research and correlation by several factors: date, keyword, related word, intervener, geographic location, images.

  • Ability to conduct research on past situations, assessing the reasons for success / failure.

  • Integrated automatic translation tool, agnostic to the language used.

  • Immediate results at start of usage.

  • In-depth analysis of situations and stakeholders creating detailed profiles, with a history, discrepancies and trend forecasting.

  • Obtaining the data of the stakeholders: e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and any other data used for registration on the various social networking platforms and payment for online services.

  • Export data to Business Intelligence software.

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