Providing a perspective of Governance, Risk & Compliance, for a strategic level orientation for Data Protection, Security and for the World of Cyberspace, allowing managers to make effective decisions, demystifying cyber risk in something that is simple, actionable, and translating into quantifiable, monetary and return on investment values.




At the level of the Internet underworld, Deep and Dark Web, analyzing its activity in an undetectable and autonomous way, extracting information without exposing the organizations' assets to agents and threats that operate in the Internet underworld, with the objective of anticipating and predicting imminent or emerging threats to organizations, and their elimination before they manifest their impacts.

At the core level of organizations, analyzing and testing the vulnerabilities of their internal systems, infrastructures, applications, and APIs, measuring risks, signaling security gaps, estimating their impact and creating objective results and recommendations to minimize impacts and risks.

At the level of social networks, collecting data from publicly available sources and platforms and enabling the creation of true knowledge and capacity for targeted action, from and to, social, political, and economic contexts.




Provide real-time detection, response, protection and alerting of malicious activities and external and internal intruders, against cyber threats, attacks and malicious activities, within organizations.

Design enterprise encryption platforms, designed to protect highly valuable information from all transmitted data, complying with regulatory issues such as GDPR, using multi-factor authentication techniques and addressing the issue of secure large file / documentation submission by via electronic means.