Nelysis is a global leader of cyber security solutions providing a complete solution to reduce risk created by external and insider attackers while minimizing operational downtime making available Real Time DETECTION (IDS), WARNING (SOC), and PREVENTION (IPS) for cyber threats, attacks and malicious activities from new cyber-threats, 0-day exploits and targeted attacks.

InfoBay is trusted by the world’s leading companies – from small enterprises to large-scale service providers.  With InfoBay, organizations have the freedom to send and distribute information easily – secure from data leakage to hostile parties.

InfoBay is in wide-scale use by businesses and organizations from varied market segments including finance, pharmaceuticals, insurance and health.  By choosing InfoBay, these organizations are able to closely monitor all distributed information while significantly reducing their cyber risks. 

Based on strong experience in developing both durable and high performing enterprise systems, and cyber security solutions with the Danish Ministry of Defense, brings you the newest and most innovate IT security technology. Introducing the intelligent network sensor MUNINN, Cyber Security Systems brings a new breed of efficient network sensors with real time data analysis at a competitive price to the market.

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