Together with an outstanding engineering team, consisting of specialists in the fields of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning and data mining, Sixgill’s is today’s most sophisticated, ADVANCED AUTOMATIC DEEP, DARK AND SURFACE WEB CYBER THREAT INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM that analyses Dark Web activity undetectably and autonomously with the ability to detect cyber-attacks and sensitive data leaks originating from the Deep and Dark Web and eliminate them before they occur by prioritizing real-time alerts, profiling malicious actors mapping their hidden social networks and their behaviour patterns, analysing their activity, and identifying potential criminals and terrorists with accuracy and depth.


Edgescan was founded in 2011 to address the problem of system (in)security whilst keeping pace with rapid development and change. Using the latest technologies edgescan provides high class vulnerability management paired with expert manual validation for every vulnerability.

Enterprises need to truly provide safe digital experiences to their customers, partners and entire ecosystem by securing the applications and supporting host infrastructure at the heart of their business on a continuous basis. With the expert manual validation, context of each vulnerability is taken into account when it is being risk rated to ensure that the potential risk to each organisation is understood completely.

Leveraging social networks by collecting data from publicly available sources and platforms to enable the creation of true knowledge and capacity for targeted actions, from and to, social, political, and economic contexts.