InfoBay is trusted by the world’s leading companies – from small enterprises to large-scale service providers.  With InfoBay, organizations have the freedom to send and distribute information easily – secure from data leakage to hostile parties.

InfoBay is in wide-scale use by businesses and organizations from varied market segments including finance, pharmaceuticals, insurance and health.  By choosing InfoBay, these organizations are able to closely monitor all distributed information while significantly reducing their cyber risks. 

An InfoBay-based solution may be implemented in various ways

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 InfoBay's Go-product, InfoBay secures your enterprise transmitted data 

  • Easy to install on premise encryption platform. Can be installed or by the customer or by the business partner

  • The out of the box platform contains the main modules of email encryption and authentication:

    • InfoBay outlook plugin

    • One-off recipient over the DMZ

    • Subscribe recipient over the DMZ

    • Secure PDF

    • Secure Mobile massaging

    • And more

  • Installing the out of the box platform require minimum of two servers. One on the DMZ and the main one on the secure DMZ (SDMZ)

  • The InfoBay out-of-the-box platform also contains unique adaptors for balk email distribution and integration with the security components in the corporate such as DLP, CDR, SIEM and digital signature.

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 Based on InfoBay products, taking into consideration your company requirements 

  • InfoBay encryption platform is extremely agile. Our partners and our technical delivery team and many years of experience to deliver to our customers the very best Taylor-made adjustment according to your business and cyber challenges.

  • The adjustments can be done either by escalating the security level in the enterprise from the standard level of InfoBay out-of-the-box environment or by adjusting the UI and the type of identity management.

  • Our delivery team recognizes the challenges you face as a business but will never compromise on protecting your sensitive information

  • Among our projects you can find a rich variety of implementations with integration of legacy systems for distribution, UI adjustments according to the business needs and the integration of a set of tools for creating a central hub for encrypted data and e-mail between the organization and the outside world.

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 Encrypted email Environment for ISP to enable them sell encrypted email service to their costumers 

  • InfoBay works on several cloud models:

    • As an infrastructure to be installed on an ISP for the provision of encrypted e-mail services to ISP customers

    • Single tenant for deployment to the customer on the cloud infrastructure allocated to it

    • Hybrid for the distribution of protected information at the customer’s site and external site only