Security is not just a technology issue – it is a financial issue!

Cytegic’s ACRO (Automated Cyber Risk Officer) allows senior decision makers primarily the CIO, CFO, Business Owners and Boards to demystify cyber risk into something that is simple, actionable, and quantifiable and translates to dollars and cents, providing a strategic level tool of risk analysis with exceptional business value that increases organizational asset protection, recommendations on specific operational defensive actions while helping determine which resources should be allocated to match risk tolerance and business strategy and generating optimal use of security funds providing real Business Cases validating investments ROI.

 Automated Cyber Risk Officer (ACRO) 

In an asymmetric world where an attack may cost a fraction of the defenses, putting your funds and people where it really matters is imperative. Cytegic’s ACRO enables business executives to make the financial decision between risk reduction by investments in defenses and/or risk hedging with cyber insurance. With ACRO, cyber risk is just another business decision. ACRO enables organizations to gain efficiency, reduce costs and hedge risk.

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ACROs cost effective SaaS deployment provides you with all the key benefits of an accurate, agile and friendly platform, equipped with easy-to-read and job-specific dashboards for CISO, CRO, CFO, BOD/CEO and business stakeholders. ACRO delivers quantified, actionable, relevant continuous intelligence and defensive maturity levels for the organization to instantly view, prioritize and determine/proactively fill the gaps in managing your Cyber Risk.

The platform provides “what if” simulators to plan ahead for ever changing threats and defenses. Cytegic’s open loop machine learning algorithms identify patterns in anticipation of attacks. Flexibly in deployment modes from cost-effective SaaS provisioning to on-premises installation tailors ACRO to your IT policy and budget. ACRO provides metrics, cybersecurity framework and regulatory reports to showcase progress in risk management and optimization of defensive dollar.

ACRO Solution Characteristics: 

  • Open Loop Machine Learning

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Multilingual Semantic Engine

  • Cloud Based Software as a Service

  • Automated Continuous Risk Assessment

  • Customizable and Scalable Platform

  • Intelligent Decision Support System

Cytegic’s mission is to provide organizations of all sizes, with the capability to proactively navigate the complexities of Cyber Risk Management.

With a simple cloud-based platform, Cytegic provides exceptional business value that increases organizational asset protection while generating optimal use of security funds. Cytegic takes the

guesswork out of antiquated Cyber Risk Management processes by providing an automated solution and trusted ally.

Improve the efficiency and efficacy of maintaining an updating security resources, while improving timeliness and cost of remediation efforts.


Meet the needs of all compliance and regulatory requirements while providing the proper insurance for business continuity, and maintain shareholder value with and amongst the BoD.


Reduce cost, risk and effort by getting accurate data on improved/prioritized allocation of funds, measuring reduction in risk vs expenditures and increase the efficient allocation of non-financial resources.


Improve the allocation and utilization of resources while increasing the consistency of how your organizations security technology resources are measured. Provide accuracy and efficiency for technology staff and the functions they perform.