Squalo Cybersystems is a technology-based company founded on the experience of more than 20 years of its partners and on partnerships with reputable partners, established in a climate of deep mutual trust, focusing on the areas of Police Investigation, Technological Investigation and “CyberIntelligence” with the objective of developing and implementing the best and most robust Security and Cybersecurity strategies and solutions for its clients, based on real-world experience.

OUR solutions

Our vision is to provide the most innovative solutions, based on the latest technologies of excellence, such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, for our customers and partners, meeting the most urgent needs of cybersecurity in today's digital world, making them available on 3 fundamental pillars, Assessment, Intelligence and Mitigation. 


From a Governance, Risk and Compliance perspective, for a strategic level guidance into the Data Protection, Security and Cyber World.

To a deep Intelligence knowledge of organization assets and vulnerabilities, either internal, or expose into the Deep and Dark Web, to anticipate imminent or emerging threats.

Leveraging social networks and collecting data from publicly available sources and platforms to create true intelligence/knowledge and capacity for targeted actions, from and to, social, political, and economic contexts.

While providing real time detecting, response, protecting and warning to organizations of all sorts about external and insider malicious activities, threats, and attackers, within the core of the organizations.


Designing enterprise encryption platforms targeting the highly valuable information of all transmitted data, while complying with regulatory such as GDPR, using multi-factor authentication techniques and addressing the issue of secure large file / documentation submission by via electronic means.

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